ATG Broadcast has completed the installation of a new video ingest suite for BBC Post Production.

The new facility allows content arriving on video tape to be transferred to a 24-client 48 terabyte Avid Unity Isis disk server prior to editing.

The suite is used to process content for a variety of programmes produced in Stage 5 at TV Centre.

The installation forms part of BBC Post's continuing migration from SD video tape to file-based SD and HD operation.

The ingest suite includes an L-shaped quality-control desk with integral Custom Consoles Media Wall monitor rack plus two single-operator editing desks in face-to-face configuration. The Media Wall supports six LCD monitors showing current ingest tasks.

Desk details

Beneath these monitors are six smaller LCD units which are used to display VT status. All three desks are from Custom Consoles' M-Desk Technical series. The quality-control desk accommodates a 19 inch Ikegami HD CRT monitor and Tektronix waveform analyser plus an ATG SAM audio monitoring unit.

"The new Stage 5 ingest suite increases editing efficiency by integrating into a single room facilities that were previously housed in two separate areas," explained ATG Broadcast Sales Director, Alan Pimm.

"Up to three edit assistants can work in the suite simultaneously. Each workstation can be assigned to control any of five Avid networked editors in any configuration, routed via a BNCS touch-panel controller to local or remote video tape machines.

"The suite is used both for BBC and independent programme production. The area is in operation up to 24 hours, seven days a week, depending on requirements."

More equipment

Eight VTRs (Panasonic D3, Sony Digital Betacam and Sony DVcam) are housed externally plus two DVcam within the suite.

The installation includes Pro-Bel Axis HD video routing, Quartz audio routing and an Adder CAT-X for the ingest engine KVMs. Router control is provided by BBC Post Production's BNCS automation system with a custom touch-screen user interface.

ATG installed two new video edit suites in the same resource last summer. That facility centres on Avids and a Pro-Bel multi-level Freeway router. The audio matrix is a 32x32 combined stereo analogue/AES system. Additional distribution and digital processing equipment from Eyeheight, Kramer and Vistek were installed.

ATG Broadcast is an international systems integrator.

BBC Post is part of BBC Resources.