NAB 2011: The HD-SDI-equipped Samurai is a portable device that records, monitors, and plays ready-to-edit Apple Pro Res files.

It is the second external Apple ProRes video recorder to be launched by Atomos, following last year’s launch of the Ninja (pictured).

Atomos says the device bypasses the image-degrading compression needed to fit HD on in-camera flash storage as well as eliminating the need for capture cards.

It features a 5” touch screen with twice the Ninja’s linear resolution.

“With visually-lossless recording to inexpensive removable media at the camera and a long battery life, you can think of it as a new ‘back end’ to every SDI and HD-SDI camera, new and old,” said Atomos CEO Jeromy Young.

The device, which is priced at $1,500 (£920), has been demonstrated at NAB this week.