NAB 2014: ATTO is highlighting a Thunderbolt 2-enabled Desklink Device line in Las Vegas.

The ThunderLink Devices are the newest extension of the Desklink Device family, with transfer speeds at 20Gb/s.

ATTO claimed its Thunderbolt 2 ThunderLink Desklink Devices were thus ideal for creative professionals who needed access to external storage and networks for I/O demanding applications.

To ensure cross-compatibility, ATTO Thunderbolt 2 products have multiple operating system, port and driver options, enabling users to preserve their existing Thunderbolt investments and maintain compatibility with multiple platforms.

ThunderLink Desklink Devices provide Thunderbolt to Fibre Channel, SAS or 10GbE connectivity, enabling all-in-one systems and mobile computing platforms access to 16Gb or 8Gb Fibre Channel SANs, storage devices and Ethernet networks at unprecedented speeds.

The newest addition to the ExpressSAS family, the 12Gb SAS/SATA HBA, provides users with the fastest storage connectivity for video and film production, according to ATTO.

The 12Gb SAS offers 8 or 16 port configurations, allowing up to 1,200 MB/s per port to enhance the performance of streaming media applications and enabling scalability.

The company is also demonstrating its latest line of 16Gb/s Fibre Channel end-to-end solutions, including the Celerity Gen 5 powered Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), FastStream RAID Storage Controllers and FibreConnect Switches.

In addition, ATTO is exhibiting its FastFrame line of Network Interface Cards and Converged Network Adapters..