Avid has launched Interplay Central, a cloud-based editing system, at NAB.

Interplay Central and Interplay Central Mobile allow users to sign into a web-based portal and select content, review sequences and edit video and audio content.

It will be available to users through both a lightweight web-based portal and a mobile app.

The Interplay Central mobile app will allow users to browse, create and edit content even when users are offline or out of network range.

Chairman and CEO at Avid, Gary Greenfield, said: “Customers across nearly every media discipline have been telling us about the challenges they face, producing hundreds of thousands of hours of content every year, requiring functional specialists and an assortment of dedicated applications to get the job done.

“Interplay Central is a groundbreaking way to replace dedicated, monolithic applications with open, flexible workflows. Now, virtually anyone involved in the content creation, management and distribution process can work from any location and use toolsets tailored to the tasks they need to perform.”

The first version of Interplay Central is planned for release in Q2 2011