All programmes enterered for Bafta awards are to be streamed online for the academy's members for the first time.

In parternship with web TV platform Jalipo, Bafta will stream shows submitted in its television, children's and television craft awards in the members-only section of its official site

Jalipo will launch the service by streaming the shortlisted programmes in the two sound categories of this year's Television Craft Awards, which take place on 11 May.

The full system will be rolled out in time for Bafta's Children's Awards on 23 November.

Anne-Marie Flynn, head of awards at Bafta, said: "For some time now, the academy has been eager to provide an instant viewing platform for its members to see any TV programmes they may have missed, before they cast their votes for the awards.

“Our film-voting members are invited to Baftascreenings or sent DVDs of the films being considered and now, for the first time, we are able to extend a similar service for our other awards via this new high-quality streaming initiative.”