BBC Studios and Post Production (BBC S&PP) will not return to Television Centre until 2017.

The BBC commercial subsidiary was due to return to the redeveloped site in 2015, but BBC S&PP chief executive Anna Mallett said there were “strong financial, commercial and operational benefits for all parties in agreeing to change our return date”.

BBC S&PP relocated to Elstree last year while Television Centre (TVC) is redeveloped following its sale to property developer Stanhope.

Mallett said: “If we were there [during construction] we would be running a studio operation which is quite noise sensitive, and we would need access to the site.

“[Stanhope] has evolved its plan in terms of the development of the inner ring and stages four and five. As they worked through their plan it became clear to us that returning a couple of years later make a lot of sense.”

BBC S&PP’s plans to operate studios 1, 2 and 3 remain the same and it expects to return to TVC around Summer 2017.

Last month, BBC S&PP extended its deal with Elstree Studios for two years until 2017.

It currently hires Stage 8, Stage 9 and George Lucas production gallery space from Elstree Studios, as well as operating studios at BBC Elstree.

Mallett said she “wouldn’t rule out” BBC S&PP taking on additional studio capacity elsewhere but that the facilities firm’s current attention is on its Elstree sites.

She said: “Never say never, but at the moment we are focused on delivering programmes from Elstree. We feel that what have is a fantastic proposition for the market.”