The BBC has set a deadline of mid-2012 for its cautious approach to stereoscopic 3D, by which time it expects to either fully adopt S3D or for the technology to have failed.

The broadcaster said that in the mean time it will maintain its stance of not investing in S3D programme making, adding that it will investigate the technology via “limited trials and commercially available equipment”.

Yesterday’s update to the technology strategy announced by chief technology officer John Linwood at the start of 2010 stated: “This strategy is expected to have a limited life, estimated until mid-2012.

“It is anticipated at this point either a full BBC S3D programme strategy will be developed or the current S3D standards fail to deliver or take off.”

The BBC also said that while a lack of standardisation might not hinder “smaller but better funded players in the movie industry” it is a significant issue for the “less well funded television making community”.

It also described S3D as “a consumer display manufacturer driven technology” and said that “much of the hype has come from the success of recent movie titles and the imminent release of these on Blu-Ray”.