BBC Worldwide is conducting a full review into the reason the opening episode of Great South African Bake Off failed to TX as scheduled earlier this month.

The programme, which was due to debut on 6 October on the BBC Lifestyle channel in South Africa, was replaced at the last minute by an episode of the UK version of the show.

Great South African Bake Off was BBC Lifestyle’s highest rating programme of the year when it aired some 48 hours after its scheduled transmission time.

A spokesman for BBC Worldwide said there were “a number of factors that contributed to the missed TX”. At the time, BBC Worldwide attributed the outage to “recent upgrades to our content delivery system” which meant the programme “was not processed as it should have been, which resulted in the first episode not going to air”.

Senior industry sources have indicated that the missed episode of Bake Off is one of a handful of BBC Worldwide shows that have not transmitted as scheduled.

Earlier this year, BBC Worldwide struck a five-year deal with Deluxe to provide compliance, delivery to and from BBC Worldwide’s localisation partners, final QC and delivery to playout, which is handled by Globecast.

The recent outages are believed to be related to the amount of programmes Deluxe is required to deliver to Globecast. Broadcast understands there is a disparity between Deluxe’s expectations of the volume of work and BBC Worldwide’s requirements.

A spokeswoman for Deluxe said: “We are supporting the review process and as committed partners with BBC Worldwide we are working together to identify any opportunities to fine tune the workflow.

“These technically advanced solutions are under regular review and we are working closely with the BBC and its partners to enhance all elements of the supply chain, to ensure a smooth flow of materials are processed in a timely manner to meet the commercial needs of BBC Worldwide.”