Picture and audio post of the six-part series

Post Clear Cut Pictures

Client Betty TV

Brief Picture and audio post of the six-part series in which Bear Grylls recounts dramatic escapes from extreme situations.

How it was done To differentiate the reconstruction footage from Grylls’ visit, senior colourist Graeme Hayes created a rugged, gritty look for the footage of Grylls as he talks to the viewer about how to survive in each terrain.

Blurred vignettes were then placed on all reconstruction footage to create a haze, adding to the confused state of those who are suffering. In the ‘Snow’ episode, Hayes reversed the vignettes to ensure the crisp whiteness of the snow came through to enhance the sense of being alone.

Senior dubbing mixer Ben Newth used atmospheres to enhance the tension and additional sound design to accompany the graphics.

Watch it Mondays, 9pm, Discovery Channel