Black Hangar Studios at Lasham airfield in Hampshire officially opened for business this week.

The 32,000 sq ft studio has already been used as a base for a feature film and a commercial, but after a multimillion-pound renovation, it is now targeting UK TV productions.

“The ideal scenario would be for 60% of our work to be TV,” said Black Hangar Studios chief exec Carole Siller.

“TV offers continuity, and I would love to see UK productions that are being lost to places like South Africa remain in the country.

“The government’s proposed tax credits will help, but we also want to work with productions to make it work financially. This is a different environment to a place like Pinewood - it’s more bespoke and intimate, and we can be much more cost-efficient.”

The facility’s shareholders include Marek Gumienny, who as managing director of private equity firm Candover oversaw the sale of Shepperton to Pinewood.

He is joined by Black Hangar chairman Alex Worrall, company secretary Michelle Morris and financial director Nicolas Brouet.

Siller, who is the former chief operating officer at Tartan Films, said “a few million” had been spent on the site so far, including the construction of production offices and green rooms, a 5,000 sq ft water tank, and the renovation of the main hangar.

The facility also plans to build two more stages of around 15,000 sq ft by early next year.

Talks are currently taking place with Whizz Kid Entertainment, Channel 4 and the BBC about basing productions at the site.

“In four weeks, we will have a film here for three and a half months, and after that I hope to have a TV project,” Siller said.

The range of services offered by Black Hangar includes casting, animation, equipment, hair and make-up, an art department and props, visual FX and legal.

The design of the studios was overseen by head of art and production services Simon Lamont and head of special effects Digby Milner, who together have worked on features such as the Harry Potter and James Bond franchises.

“We have incorporated our expertise from years of working on blockbuster fi lms to create a facility we feel has everything a filmmaker could need under one roof, and we are keen to tailor our services for each client so that they receive the exact experience they require,” said Siller.