VFX firm BlueBolt is upgrading its storage setup to support its work at higher resolutions and on multiple large-scale projects.

The London facility’s existing ZFS-based Nexenta primary storage, which consists of a two node HA Cluster running on two Dell R720 servers with a Dell MD3060E JBOD, will be bolstered with additional MD3060E which will double BlueBolt’s storage to 132TB under a single namespace.

BlueBolt will also install additional backup storage consisting of an Igloo SC946ED, which supports 90 drives in a 4U JBOD.

The new storage will be online by the middle of September.

Nexenta will be onsite for the upgrade, which has been organised through Escape Technology. Presales, sales and after sales support will be provided by Nexenta and Boston Supermicro. BlueBolt systems engineer Cal Sawyer will oversee the upgrade.

Some of the productions BlueBolt is currently working on include Carnival’s The Last Kingdom and The Bastard Executioner for FX.