“Stash, sticker, share” is the mantra of a Facebook application that is designed to encourage teenagers to discover, read and discuss books.

Funded by Channel 4’s education department and produced by Norwich based web developer NeonTribe, the app enables users to post cover images of their favourite books and to use virtual ‘stickers’ and tags to go into greater depth.

They use the system to describe the book’s genre and content, and pen their own micro-reviews, inviting others to
contribute and post their ‘stash’ - their full annotated collection of books - on the application’s Facebook wall.

Users are also rewarded with achievement badges for the volume and quality of their stash, and anyone looking for ideas of what to read will, in time, be able to browse the database of stickers and tags, and click through to Amazon.co.uk.

C4 education commissioning editor Alice Taylor said: “Bookstash turns finding and sharing books into something
more playful, in the same way people find and share music.”

Broadcaster Channel 4
Commissioner Alice Taylor
Developer NeonTribe
Producers Harry Harold and Rupert Reddington