RF equipment firm Boxx TV has launched a new rental division as it looks to find a backer for its core manufacturing company.

The west London company has set up Zero Division to rent out microwave broadcast equipment including its Meridian transmitters, receivers and RF accessories, and provide engineer support to TV and film clients.

Boxx TV co-founder Darrell Bilton cited falling budgets as one reason for the push into the facilities sector. “It is difficult for companies to find the capital expenditure to buy kit. It is much easier to rent or lease equipment - a director of photography can make a decision to sign off a couple of grand but a £15,000 purchase might have to go to a finance director.”

One of Zero Division’s first jobs was last month’s Glastonbury Festival, where it provided Steadicam operator John Clarke with a Meridian transmitter and engineering support.

It also recently provided wireless systems for a Sony F55 and an Arri Alexa for Sky 1’s upcoming The Town That Danced Again.

Bilton said manufacturing business Boxx TV was now “open to enquiries” from rivals and other suppliers that might want to integrate its technology with their own products.

“It can cost £1m in research and development when we develop a new product, so to make more systems, it makes sense to get a private equity firm behind Boxx or for it to be acquired.

“Zero Division can buy and rent kit but it doesn’t have the R&D funding requirement that Boxx TV has.”

Bilton also raised the prospect of Zero Division becoming a “fullyblown facilities house”.

“The starting position is the hire of Boxx’s main products but there is no reason why we couldn’t add other kit such as cameras and batteries,” he said.