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    MipTV 09: Round-up


    As the MipTV market in Cannes wraps up, Broadcastnow presents a selection of choice stories from throughout the week.

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    MipTV 2009: The Guide


    As broadcasters, distributors and producers flock from around the world to MipTV in Cannes, Broadcast tips the Hot Picks for this year's market, reveals what factual buyers are looking to acquire and examines several key territories including the US.

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    Off Cuts: 6 March


    Endemol's Tim Hincks, Radio 1's Andy Parfitt, the staff at UKTV channel Yesterday and Sassy Films' Steve Kemsley all star in this week's Off Cuts.

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    Analysis: The dawn of discount drama


    With programme budgets under pressure, can drama, which is at risk of being seen as a luxury, be made on a budget? Broadcast asks six producers how they might beat the cuts.

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    At-a-glance: Project Kangaroo coverage


    Browse Broadcastnow’s full coverage of Project Kangaroo including reports, comment and analysis.

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    Digital Britain: At-a-glance


    The report, the action plan and the response. Browse Broadcastnow’s coverage of the Digital Britain interim report.

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    Ofcom psb review: what the industry says


    Ofcom's blueprint for the future of public service broadcasting has got the industry talking - and sparked plenty of controversy.

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    PSB review at a glance


    A summary of Ofcom's 127-page document.

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    At-a-glance: The Media Festival


    An overview of coverage from this year’s Media Festival, including Stephen Carter’s keynote, Phil Redmond’s empassioned speech, Jana Bennett’s take on swearing and why Kelvin MacKenzie believes Jonathan Ross’ career is over.

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    Five brings on Woolfe to add ‘razzle dazzle'


    Dawn Airey is looking to draw a line under Five's revolving door of executives after luring Sky 1 controller Richard Woolfe to join her big-hitting senior team, a move many believe will bring the “razzle dazzle” back to the channel.

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    Edinburgh TV Festival 08


    Didn't make it to Edinburgh? Don't worry - Broadcast has it covered.Day OneDay TwoDay ThreeOff-Cuts

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    Fincham's finest hour: The verdict


    In his rousing MacTaggart address, ITV director of television Peter Fincham pilloried Ofcom for imagining TV as a form of social engineering. Here top industry figures give their take on his speech.

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    Off Cuts goes to Edinburgh


    After the dust has settled and the hangovers cleared up from the annual TV pilgrimage to Edinburgh Off Cuts reveals the moments some would rather forget...

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    Commissioning wishlist


    Edinburgh 08: A round-up of interviews with terrestrial and multichannel controllers about what each is looking for in their schedules.

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    Day Two at Edinburgh


    Edinburgh 08: A round-up of the best stories from the biggest sessions on the second day of the Edinburgh TV festival.

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    Day One at Edinburgh


    Edinburgh 08: A round-up of the best stories from the biggest sessions on the first day of the Edinburgh TV festival.

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    ITV spells out commissioning wishlist


    Now new director of television Peter Fincham has briefed his team, Broadcast reveals what ITV's commissioners want, don't want and can't go without.

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    ITV: Michaela Hennessy-Vass, commissioning editor, comedy


    Sitcoms are the key priority for Hennessy-Vass, who has spent the past year refining what works for ITV in scripted comedy.

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    ITV: Zai Bennett, controller, ITV2


    Bennett wants big name celebrities to spearhead a raft of new factual entertainment and comedy shows.

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    ITV: Laura Mackie, director of drama commissioning


    The hunt for returnable 9pm series remains Mackie's top priority, with the emphasis on giving familiar genres an original twist.