Broadcast RF is providing transmission and receive infrastructure for the British Open for the second year in a row.

The company has designed a compact one-man camera transmitter for use at the Open Championship golf tournament which includes Vislink’s L1700 wireless microwave transmitter and Omni antenna.

Broadcast RF said it chose Vislink technology for its video compression and efficiency benefits in transmitting HD video from the field.

Using a combination of compact wireless camera back transmitters and receive antenna network connected by fibre optic cables, Broadcast RF aims to ensure uninterrupted wireless camera coverage along all 6,721 yards of the course.

The receive sites will include Vislink’s L3025 Down Converter, which will feed the received signals back to the TV compound, using Broadcast RF’s bespoke RF-over-fibre extension systems.

Engineers will map the GPS positions of cameras in real time, enabling them to switch the appropriate receive antennas into the receiver/decoder for each camera, based on which camera will provide the best coverage at any given time.

“With a worldwide audience, there really is no room for error,” said Broadcast RF sales director Chris Brandrick.

“Our engineers and survey team do an unbelievable amount of prep ahead of the event to ensure there are no gaps in coverage, and we rely on Vislink equipment to deliver high-quality, live video of the event.”