Broadcasters will remain the dominant players in OTT services in 2013 rather than new pure-play rivals, according to Deliotte.

The prediction is one several made by the company about the TV sector at the turn of the year.

Deloitte predicts that in markets such as the UK, two of the top three OTT services will be provided by existing broadcasters, rather than new entrants such as device manufacturers, retailers and pure play services such as Netflix or Lovefilm.

The company acknowledges that non-broadcaster OTT providers “should enjoy growing market share and usage”, but that in most markets their active paying subscriber-base is likely to be under 10% of households.

Dual screen viewing

Among Deloitte’s other predictions is the suggestion that in developed markets 2013 will see 10% of households take part in dual video screen television viewing. In other words, they will have two (or more) screens, most likely of different sizes, showing TV programs at the same time and in the same room.

They might be watching separate programs or alternate streams of footage for the same event, such as different matches in the same golf tournament.

Siginificantly, Deloitte believes that by the end of 2013, time spent dual video screening could exceed time spent consuming the combination of a TV show and its dedicated program app or website.

The TV segment of the Deloitte Predictions were put together by head of global TMT Research Paul Lee.