It aims to give fans the latest breaking news, live scores, highlights, live betting lines, and memes

Atmosphere Sports - Screenshot #1

Atmosphere, which specialises in streaming entertainment for businesses, has launched Atmosphere Sports. 

The first channel created exclusively for public spaces, it aims to give fans the latest breaking news, live scores, highlights, live betting lines, and memes and is designed to act as primary entertainment or a second screen experience - so consumers can keep up with the latest sports news while watching live games, without the need for a phone.

Atmosphere Sports is led by executive producer Matt Collette, who previously ran the New York City studio for Yahoo! Sports and created original shows Props, The Bandwagon and The Bounce. Prior to that, Collette oversaw an original content and development group for IMG and worked as a producer for Fox Sports and ESPN. In 2016, he won an Emmy as showrunner of Garbage Time with Katie Nolan, which ran for three seasons on Fox Sports 1.

Atmosphere provides its content to over 20,000 venues worldwide, with over 1,200 of those outside the US. It recently announced a TikTok channel, raised $100 million (£76.5m) in series C funding, and added a London office to its bases in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. You can see the trailer for atmosphere sports below.

Matt Collette - Executive Producer, Atmosphere Sports

Collette said: “Modern sports coverage has developed this bad habit of getting away from the sports part too much. Debates and opinions are great, but not all the time. There isn’t a dedicated, reliable sports source to simply stay informed anymore.

“With Atmosphere Sports, we are fixing both problems: the 24/7 comprehensive sports news channel is returning, and with it, a one-stop shop for everything you need to know.”

Leo Resig, Atmosphere’s CEO and co-founder, added: “Like many people these days, I love sports but I am too busy to really stay on top of what’s going on across the vast landscape of sports.

“I not only want to be informed with news, scores, standings, and betting lines, but more importantly, I want to be entertained with incredible plays, bloopers, and viral UGC sports clips. Like so many of our amazing channels on Atmosphere, we identify a problem and fix it. Atmosphere Sports solves this problem and you don’t need audio to enjoy it. Move over SportsCenter.”