The app provides stats about each rider, including their heart rate, speed and lean angle

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The eSkootr Championship is working with BAFTA-winning immersive games studio PRELOADED to produce a gamified second-screen viewing experience of the sport.

The second-screen app will give fans real-time insight into each of the races.

The app enables viewers to hold their device to their main screen to receive stats about each rider, including their heart rate, speed and lean angle.

They will also be able to receive live text commentary about the status of the race and find out more about the rider profiles.

Hrag Sarkissian, eSkootr Championship co-founder and CEO, said: “eSkootr Championship will be a unique form of racing, and we want to give fans as much information as possible about what our riders are experiencing on track. We have partnered with PRELOADED to help us take the fan into the heart of the action through a second screen experience that will allow viewers to interact with the main broadcast by accessing stats in real-time about each rider’s performance and engage with our online text commentary.”

Phil Stuart, creative director at PRELOADED, added: “We’re so excited to be working with eSkootr Championship on the launch of this incredible new sport. Together we are pioneering new audience experiences which could transform the future of live events, underpinned by the latest in immersive tech and hardware.”