The pair will join podcast founder, Sean Conlon, as regular co-hosts of the series

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The latest episode of the Project Footballer podcast is a lively discussion with Harry Redknapp, Jamie Redknapp, and Paul Merson, covering football, parenting, and nurturing sporting talent from a young age.

The episode has only been live on YouTube for a week and has already received more than 12,500 views, while clips from the episode on instagram have reached more than 10 million accounts.

The episode also marks the first in a series of episodes that will feature Jamie Redknapp and Paul Merson.

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The Project Footballer podcast was created two years ago by Chelsea Scout Sean Conlon (pictured above) with the aim of being the voice of youth football. It’s now ranked as the top podcast for Academy and Grassroots football.

Project Footballer episodes are themed around exploring the world of youth football, while trying to find out whether becoming a successful footballer is down to nature or nurture.  

As well as running the podcast, Conlon also runs We Make Footballers, the largest youth football coaching company in the UK, which works with more than 10,000 players aged 4-12.

The Project Footballer Podcast

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Broadcast Sport caught up with Conlon to find out more about the podcast, how he manages to secure such big-name guests and his plans for the series.

“My history of coaching players from 7 years old to reach the Premier League has given me insight that I can share with parents if they dream of them making it as footballers,” says Conlon. “We have created 33 episodes so far. A parent who brings their child to We Make Footballers reached out to me in October to say they worked at Spotify, and they made an intro for me to their head of podcasting.  

“Spotify are now promoting the podcast and allowing use of their studio and watching how the podcast develops.”

Following the recording of the latest episode of Project Footballer, Jamie Redknapp and Paul Merson have committed to hosting future episodes with Conlon. They are also going to help with getting sponsors on board and giving access to their football network of footballers and experts involved in the game.

“We will hear from footballers about how they made it as players and the environment that created them to be who they became,” explains Conlon. “We are also going to invite parents to send us their questions and even look to invite some parents into the studio with us.

“I got Jamie and Paul to join because I spent years coaching their children in my U7 and U8 teams.”