The technology allows to get closer to the players than they have before

La Liga and Mediapro have begun to use cutting edge cameras to bring fans closer to players in live broadcasts - which you can see in the video above.

The innovation, using a Sony A7S II camera (35mm sensor), Sony optics (Zeiss) 55mm, shutter 50 aperture 2.8 Iso 100/T. Colour 4800K/Gamma HLG/Colour 709, and Zhiyun Crane 3s Gimbal stabiliser, allows supporters to feel like they are right next to the players or in the front row of the stand at the stadium.

The large-sensor, mirrorless camera captures an image with a very shallow depth of field with its 35mm sensor, achieving a very different result from other, more established broadcast cameras. The resulting blurred background video effect is very similar to ‘portrait mode’ photographs that can be taken with certain mobile phones.

In addition, stabiliser support similar to steady cam technology is used to bring a cinematic visual experience, similar to a video game.

The system has already been tested twice, during Valencia’s 1-1 draw with Osasuna on 21 January, and in Barcelona’s 2-1 victory over Athletic Bilbao on 31 January.

Melcior Soler, director of La Liga’s audiovisual department, said: “At LaLiga, we are constantly researching cutting-edge innovations and technological solutions that allow us to offer the best audiovisual product. To this end, we will continue developing and fine-tuning this new system to enhance the visual experience for our fans.”

Oscar Lago, responsible for La Liga match production at Mediapro, added: “We are committed to providing solutions that enhance our broadcasting quality and develop a product that is more visually appealing for LaLiga fans.”