World Rugby launched D2C platform with Endeavor Streaming ahead of the tournament

RugbyPass TV

RugbyPass TV has attracted over 350,000 subscribers since its launch in September, which was timed with the recently completed Rugby World Cup. 

Created in partnership with Endeavor Streaming after the acquisition of rugby site Rugby Pass, the D2C platform has had 1.7 million users to date. It streamed nearly 500K hours of content throughout the Rugby World Cup with 3.3M total views, including nearly 700K live views.

World Rugby hosted live coverage of the tournament on the platform in territories without a broadcast deal, such as Greece, South Korea and Hungary. However, its biggest audiences actually came from territories where it didn’t have live content, including tournament winner South Africa, the UK, and the US.

RugbyPass TV uses Endeavor Streaming’s end-to-end streaming platform Vesper.

World Rugby chief marketing and content officer James Rothwell said: “World Rugby’s objective is to drive global and diverse fan growth for our sport by making the game as relevant, accessible and entertaining as possible. RugbyPass TV is a cornerstone of our fan engagement strategy, and provides a platform to deliver programming to fans around the world through live matches, highlights, on-demand matches and shoulder content.”

Pete Bellamy, chief commercial officer at Endeavor Streaming, added: “RugbyPass TV’s impressive results exemplify the power that direct-to-consumer services have in reaching fans on a global scale, particularly around highly charged moments such as a World Cup tournament. These platforms are influential and essential tools for helping sports organizations deepen their engagement with fans, offering highly personalized experiences that traditional channels cannot offer.”