Camera Corps is supplying over 50 remotely controlled cameras, including 10 of the company’s Q-Ball compact systems for the European Football Championships.

A team of 20 Camera Corps technicians will install the cameras at four venues in Poland and Ukraine.

Each of the eight venues will have two Hitachi DK-H32 cameras on VHR heads looking down the goal lines

“We will also be installing cameras to capture pictures from the rear of each goal,” said senior support technician David Sisson.

“Each of these will be a DK-H32 fitted with a wide-angle lens, again on VHR heads.

“A similar configuration will be used to capture venue-wide shots. For external beauty shots we will field Hitachi DK-H100 cameras on our new Type 2B weatherproof head. Each of these will be mounted on a crane looking towards the stadium from the outside.”

Q-Ball systems will also be positioned behind the goal during the quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final.

“All our cameras will be operated in conjunction with Camera Corps SMPTE 3K fibre links. These will transport control signals, genlock and power to the camera and head. They will also carry the HD-SDI signals back to the control room,” added Sisson.