UK specialist camera systems company Camera Corps will play a key role in providing coverage of next month's Beijing Summer Olympics.

The Shepperton-based company will be fielding over two hundred HD camera systems, 18 motorised tracking systems, plus remote heads and large camera cranes on behalf of the host broadcaster.

The full inventory of equipment being installed for the event includes high-level cranes, horizontal and vertical tracking cameras, underwater cameras and bull's-eye-mounted archery target cameras.

"This year's Games will be the first of their kind to be televised entirely in 1080i," explained Laurie Frost, managing director of Camera Corps. "The need for full HD introduced some tough challenges but we were able to build on our experience of working at many other very large-scale sports and OB events.

Camera Corps did a preliminary site survey in March 2008. Frost believes that planning is key. "The secret is preparation for the technical and human complications which arise at every major sports event,” he said. “And partnership with the client, from initial planning right through to completion."

Camera Corps' equipment and crews will be at almost every participating venue in China. The company is also providing all of the speciality cameras and beauty cameras for the Equestrian Events which are to be staged in Hong Kong.

The output from its 200-plus cameras will be routed to the host broadcaster who will in turn provide television feeds to the various national broadcasters chosen by the event organisers to provide regional coverage.

The inventory of cameras to be positioned in and around Beijing includes 39 Camera Corps HD Minizooms.

An Abakus fisheye stadium lens will be installed above the Velodrome at Shi Jing Shan to cover the 250 metre circumference cycle track.

Camera Corps has supplied cameras and equipment to four Olympics, two Winter Olympics, three Commonwealth Games, two European Football Championships, two World Cups, two World Swimming Championships and two Goodwill Games.