Canon has launched a low-light camera with a maximum ISO in excess of 4 million.

The ME20F-SH features a full frame 35mm with 2.26 MP CMOS sensor and a Digic DV4 processor.

Canon said the camera’s high-sensitivity performance enables it to capture full 1080p HD video in colour, even at very low light levels, without the need for infrared illumination.

The sensor’s pixels and readout circuitry use Canon’s proprietary technology and capture subjects illuminated with less than 0.0005 lux.

The camera includes Canon Log and a wide dynamic range setting and employs Canon’s EF mount with Cinema Lock.

The ME20F-SH is targeted for use in specialist situations such as natural history programming, deep sea or cave exploration, astronomy and surveillance applications.

The ability to install the camera in a semi-permanent location, with remote control operability suits the camera for long-term projects requiring minimal staffing.