How Gearhouse Broadcast kitted out the latest high definition outside broadcast unit for Welsh company Omni Television.

Gearhouse Broadcast dealt with the entire requirement from Omni TV which included sourcing cameras, vision mixers, monitors, audio, routers and glue products.

The broadcast package included:

  • 12 full Sony HDC 1500 camera channels,

  • A Sony MVS 8000 Series SD/HD Vision Mixer,

  • A mixture of JVC, Genelec and Vutrix quad split monitors,

  • BEL delay units,

  • A Pro-Bel matrix package consisting of Sirius, Aurora, Cygnus and Morpheus equipment

  • Audio package comprising Sennheiser MKH-416s (x13) and MKH-70s (x6) condenser mics, Coles commentator lip mics and Wohler audio kits.

Gearhouse Broadcast managing Director Eamonn Dowdall said: “Gearhouse works with broadcast equipment every day of the year within our Projects and Systems divisions, so we understand the requirements of clients at an operational level and can knowledgeably supply a complete solution for a studio, ob or any broadcast facility.”

The new Omni HD OB Truck has already worked on The Bryn Terfel Faenol Festival and will be used on the Welsh Snooker Open this week. In May it will be present at the BBC Music's Singer of the World, a bi-annual classical music awards event which is broadcast around the world.

Other projects include the BBC Choir of the Year at Royal Festival Hall, and a variety of rugby assignments including Heineken Cup, EDF Cup and Internationals.