NAB 2012: Cintel will launch a new 6k imaging sensor for its diTTo evolution film scanner at NAB.

It provides over-sampled 4K data files, as well as new timeline interface options and extended vertical range options for the imageMill2 real-time data processing engine.

The diTTo evolution film scanner scans both 16mm and 35mm film with 2K speeds at up to 11fps. It provides a fast shuttle capability, a non-pin registration mode for archive scanning and the imageMill2 processing tools and a 3.3D density range.

New at NAB will be a timeline interface called Flow and an expanded interface called Colourflow, adding colour correction and zoom/pan/rotate scan effects.

Cintel will also be showcasing a new extended vertical range stabilisation tool called Super-Y.

Cintel’s business development manager Simon Clark said: “We have a number of imageMill2 customers and prospects requiring an extended vertical stabilisation range to address the instability from film scanners such as Arriscan when run in non-pin mode on archive film. 

“In conjunction with Arri we developed Super-Y which has a massive +/- 60 lines of stabilisation range in both 2K and 4K.”

Stand: SL2029