Clear Cut Pictures chief executive Horacio Queiro has taken a stake in grading facility Mytherapy.

The undisclosed investment makes Queiro a “major shareholder” in the business, which has formed a strategic partnership with Clear Cut.

Mytherapy founder Dado Valentic said: “We won’t work exclusively on Clear Cut projects but we will combine where our services complement theirs, and we are working on a new service that will be announced in near future.”

The Mytherapy brand will remain and the facility will retain its Charlotte Street base, while Clear Cut now has access to the company’s image processing technology.

“When I met Dado Valentic I was profoundly impressed by his knowledge of colour, technology and workflows and also by his ethos,” said Queiro.

“It was immediately clear to me that we were very complementary in what we did and that combined, we could offer new services in high-end finishing that would be unrivalled in this country.”

Mytherapy recently worked on Flying Monsters in 3D with David Attenborough.