Irish company ClipSure has introduced a software service that allows broadcasters to outsource their compliance work and view the resulting TV channel recordings online.

ClipSure captures and records a channel’s broadcast output and stores it digitally on a dedicated storage network.

Broadcasters are then given a log-in to an online application that allows them to create a clip from recordings.
Clips are streamed to the user, who can watch, share, log comments or archive them using a filemanagement system.

ClipSure director Charlie Ardagh said: “A lot of channels are still calling third-party recording providers to get clips sent on DVDs in the post. If a channel has five days to respond to Ofcom, they can end up waiting three days to see what the complaint is about.”

Future incarnations will include the ability to re-purpose clips for publishing to the web and on mobile devices.

ClipSure has offices in Dublin and London.