Sky and Atlantic Productions’ joint 3D venture, Colossus Productions, is moving into drama.

The producer of specialist factual shows Flying Monsters 3D and Galapagos 3D is in “active discussions about full-scale 3D drama for Sky and other broadcasters”, according to Atlantic Productions chief executive and creative director Anthony Geffen.

“In terms of technology and production experience, the medium has matured to the point where we can take on other genres,” Geffen said.

“First you will see us using drama inside factual productions, then next year we will move into full-scale drama.

“We will begin with one-offs, and a series will follow.”

Geffen suggested that the use of CGI to create new worlds “is an area where 3D can make a massive difference.

“It makes sense to create something with a ‘wow’ factor which people will be excited to see in 3D.”