Local TV multiplex operator Comux UK will base its playout operation at Birmingham Science Park Aston.

Comux will take 1,665 sq ft of the Faraday Wharf building on the Innovation Birmingham Campus.

One suite will be dedicated to broadcast operations, one will house servers and the third will be occupied by the Comux operations team.

Comux UK Founder Ed Hall said: “Basing the Comux operation at the Innovation Birmingham Campus makes absolute business sense.

“For one, it is an urban location in the centre of the country with very good accessibility, but crucially it is one of the only places that is capable of providing the infrastructure we need to power a UK wide network of local TV stations.

“The Innovation Birmingham team has bent over backwards to fulfil our unique requirements and we can’t wait to move in and set everything in place to enable the first 19 channels to commence broadcasting.”

Comux has taken out a 12-year lease to match the length of licence it was awarded by Ofcom.

The first phase of 19 local TV stations are due to be on air by the end of this year.