Check out recently completed creative work including the titles for a primetime BBC1 series called The Enforcers.


Post house: Molinare

Client: Tiger Aspect

Brief: To create titles for the primetime BBC1 series The Enforcers.

How it was done: Molinare designers Simon Kilroe and Anthony Webb designed titles based around the latest police cameras for licence plate recognition. Video tape inserts were woven into the title sequence using wipes and mattes which gave the viewer a taste of what was to follow. Molinare also completed post-production on the series.

Watch it: From Wednesday 21 November at 8.30pm on BBC1.


Post house: Pepper

Client: BBC drama

Brief: To grade this BBC serial starring Judi Dench, Michael Gambon and Philip Glenister.

How it was done: Using the Panavision Genesis HD camera, Cranford was shot in 10-bit log on HDSR, had HD post and was graded on a Da Vinci 2k+. Senior colourist Jet Omoshebi said: “We designed our own contrast curve for the grade, which allowed us to have as much detail as we needed. Power windows were used to give the actors their own light.”

Watch it: From Sunday 18 November at 9pm on BBC1.


Design company: Bait

Client: S4C and Boomerang

Brief: To rebrand S4C’s two new children’s services, Planed Plant Bach and Planed Plant.

How it was done: The Planed Plant Bach ident features animated animals which reflect the S4C colours. They were designed as mascots that could be transferred across a range of platforms. The Planed Plant ident uses eye-catching motion graphics to appeal to an older audience. The identities were created separately but complement each other.

Watch it:
Currently airing on S4C.

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