Darkside Animation has almost completed its biggest VFX project to date, providing the computer-generated effects for BBC1’s upcoming sci-fi series Outcasts.

“This particular programme has significantly raised the bar in terms of the scale and complexity of build, with more than 300 complex shots over eight shows,” said Stuart Wright, head of business development.

London-based Darkside completed 3D work with Lightwave 9.6 and Softimage, while compositing was done using The Foundry’s Nuke and Adobe products.

“There was a small exterior set, and any time they wanted to extend it was done through the VFX using matte shots,” said VFX supervisor Alan Marques, who spent four months on location in South Africa.

“Also, we didn’t use a straight matte painting, because if you move the camera you need a new view of the settlement. Instead, we built a 3D view of the settlement. Then, you can find the area being shot and lock the camera in to that view.”