Pinewood’s appeal against the refusal of planning permission to expand its Buckinghamshire site will begin in November.

Pinewood’s long-running plans to add studios, stages and workshops were turned down in May, with the local council branding the £200m proposal “inappropriate”.  

Speaking at Pinewood’s annual general meeting this morning, Pinewood Shepperton chairman Lord Grade reaffirmed the company’s commitment to the plans, stating: “We need to increase capacity at Pinewood Studios.”

Grade added that film revenues reflected “very high” stage and facility occupancy while television “continues to experience high levels of utilisation”.

He said: “[Pinewood] continues to invest in its existing facilities to ensure that it remains a leading destination for producers of creative content.  

“A major upgrade of our television business has been completed and the latest 45,000 sq ft television and film facility at Pinewood Studios, Q Stage, was completed on 27 September.”

The public inquiry is due to start on 19 November.