Deluxe Entertainment Services Group has merged two if its digital intermediary (DI) operations, with US-based Company 3 (CO3) taking over London-based Deluxe 142’s DI operation.

Deluxe said it wanted to bring the US firm’s brand to the UK and that the moves was a “natural progression” following collaboration between the London team and CO3.

Company 3 in London will be overseen by Company 3 president, co-founder and president of Deluxe Creative Services Stefan Sonnenfeld. Day-to-day operations will be led by Patrick Malone, director of Digital Film Services.

“Having a new location based out of London is especially exciting for CO3. The addition of these DI suites opens the door for UK-based feature clients who want to finish at Company 3,” says Stefan Sonnenfeld.

Deluxe said staff in London would be unaffected by the change.

The London team, led by Malone, has recently worked on The Inbetweeners The Movie and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.