Deluxe Laboratories will subcontract its 35mm and 16mm processing work to Technicolor’s Pinewood facility, having decided to stop original colour negative processing at its Soho and Denham facilities. 

It follows yesterday’s announcement by Deluxe in the US that an agreement had been reached in which Technicolor will subcontract its North American 35mm bulk printing business to Deluxe and Deluxe will subcontract its 35mm print distribution business to Technicolor.

Deluxe Europe managing director Ken Biggins said: “We have seen a dramatic shift from film to digital capture on UK productions. This agreement will help us to maintain a high level of customer service as the industry moves to new formats.”

Digital media services including telecine, 8mm original colour negative and 35mm/16mm original black/white negative processing will remain in operation at Deluxe’s Soho facility and it will continue to provide 35mm bulk release printing at Denham and its other European facilities.

The processing arrangement will begin as of July 24. Customers of Deluxe can still use Deluxe’s locations in Soho and Denham to drop off and pick up film.