The Digital TV Group (DTG) has launched the UK UHD Forum to drive interoperability standards for the nascent technology.

The DTG said it was “vital that the technology be understood before the implementation of an ‘Ultra-HD Ready’ logo, to avoid the confusion still experienced by consumers to this day over ‘HD Ready’.”

Co-chaired by BskyB Broadcast Strategy chief engineer Chris Johns and the BBC’s head of technology for BBC HD and UHDTV Andy Quested, the group will work with the Forum for Advanced Media in Europe (FAME) and other European standards organisations.

The UK UHD Forum will also work with broadcasters and the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) to examine whether there is a requirement for a UK Ultra HD profile.

DTG director general Richard Lindsay-Davies (pictured) said: “This is a real opportunity to re-invigorate the market and through collaboration generate the greatest economic value for the UK.

“In launching the UK UHD Forum, the DTG is bringing together all relevant stakeholders to work towards the managed delivery of interoperable Ultra-HD services, networks and devices.”

The UK UHD Forum follows the DTG’s HD Forum, and its Emmy Award-winning predecessor the UK Widescreen Forum.