Members of the Digital TV Group (DTG) are set to begin work on the technical specification for the support Freeview Connected.

The work will form part of version 8 of the DTG’s D-Book, which is the interoperability specification for digital terrestrial television in the UK and sets out the technical requirements for Freeview trademark licences.

The DTG’s working groups will review the current logical channel number (LCN) swapping and regional handling behaviour, assess preparations to smooth the potential 700 MHz clearance transition, examine a profile for tablet DTT receivers, consider the potential for a UHD-1 phase 1 profile and look at support for the HbbTV profile for Freeview.

Other DTG projects include the UK UHD Forum, the Mobile Video Alliance, the Dynamic Spectrum Access Forum, multicast and home networking activity and ongoing accessibility work.

DTG chief technology officer Simon Gauntlett said: “There is a huge amount of industry activity at the moment, across a wide range of TV and related technologies, proving once again that the UK can lead the world in collaborative innovation and that the DTG remains uniquely placed to bring together all the key stakeholders in a trusted environment.”