DVD duplication facilities Click, Figment and the DVD arm of Television Set have merged.

The move creates one facility that will trade as Click but be based at TV Set’s premises on Newman Street in Soho.

The original Click business was a subsidiary of Suite, and its chairman and investor Julian Aston, will become one of the new company’s directors. He will be joined by TV Set directors Terry Bettles and Dave Thompson and investor and Component founder Jeff Firth.

Figment had been run out of Molinare by Andrew Huffer, who will remain in place as general manager. A fourth duplication facility will be merged into the group in the near future.

The enlarged facility will comprise authoring software, duplication machines and viewing equipment and will repurpose material for new platforms.

It will retain all staff and technology from the original firms, giving it a 20-strong workforce.
Aston said: “It is not expensive to set up a DVD duplication facility - it would cost between £75,000 and £100,000 from scratch. However it is labour-intensive, and so small facilities are hard to run.”

Several DVD facilities have closed in the past 18 months, including The Farm’s Squash, Evolutions DVD arm, and VTR’s TMR. Aston said: “By merging these facilities we will benefit from economies of scale in sales, management, premises and accounting.”

He added the company had secured jobs for distributors and corporates including 2Entertain, Clear Vision and Universal. They include DVD Christmas specials for Katherine Jenkins and Ross Noble.