IBC 2015: EditShare has unveiled the latest AirFlow private cloud remote workflow system.

AirFlow is now included with every EditShare storage system and is available to manage third-party storage systems such as Avid Isis with secure remote access to outside collaborators.

Those using the system at any location can browse, play, log, search and organise media content, and also upload and download content directly to and from central storage systems.

AirFlow provides remote access to an EditShare system from a standard web browser.

The interface allows production teams to make comments which are fed back to the Flow database for editors to use.

“When customers say they want cloud capabilities, what most of them mean is they want to open up their production workflows and assets to people outside their facility,” said EditShare Flow product manager Jeff Herzog.

“With AirFlow, there’s no need to pay for extra cloud services and no need to waste valuable time uploading content to an outside location such as Amazon or Google.

“Just enable AirFlow on your server, open up a port on your firewall, and instantly the outside world can connect to you. No complicated IT intervention required.”