Provide location and post-production services

Post Evolutions

Client Twofour

Brief Provide location and post-production services for the follow up to the Bafta-winning Educating Essex.

How it was done Evolutions used its location-based ingest system, Luther, to record three gallery cut streams with 64 channels of audio for approximately 10 hours a day for seven weeks at the Dewsbury school.

The rig was run by project manager Adrian Bell and produced online, offline and proxy media in real time.

It also generated full LTO back-up of all media and created the Avid projects for the edits to start immediately in London.

Evolutions also provided full post-production in London.

Editors Jonathan Field and David Frisby completed the online, dubbing mixer Mark Owen completed the audio and colourist Nick Adams graded the series using a natural look, in keeping with the school surroundings.

Watch it Thursdays, 9pm, Channel 4