NAB 2016: EVS will have its own production truck set up at its booth to give visitors the chance to see integrated live solutions enabled by EVS’ latest Multicam engine software.

In a first for the manufacturer, a demonstration using the truck will show how in-game action is captured through eight-camera recording, live replay production, performance review, content packaging with EVS’ DYVI switcher and multimedia distribution with the FanCast content distribution platform. 

Also being featured in its ‘SlamDunk Experience’ is EVS’ new referee system, Xeebra.

The Xeebra multi-camera review system is built on EVS recording technology and supports ingest and browsing of high frame rate – including SuperMotion – camera content. 

And in keeping with other manufacturers at the show, EVS will show its roadmap for moving to IP.

The company’s IP4Live strategic approach lets users benefit from IP-based workflows while preserving their existing investments, the company says.

Interoperable solutions from EVS include the XiP media gateway for expanding IP capabilities of the XT3 and XS3 media production servers and the DYVI IT-based switcher.

As a member of Aims, EVS will demonstrate its support for the adoption, standardisation and development of open protocols for media through a series of live workflow demonstrations presented with other Aims members on the show floor.