A former senior product manager at Google is attending BVE this week to advise broadcasters on how they can monetize their video content over the web and gather analytics on their users.

Bismarck Lepe - one of the developers behind Google’s multimillion dollar ad revenue spinner AdSense - is set to host a session in BVE’s VIP Lounge this afternoon (Wednesday, 4.30pm)  on how content owners can make video a strategic asset in their organisation.

Ooyala - the firm Lepe founded with chief technology officer Sean Knapp and his brother Belsasar three years -  is also exhibiting at BVE for the first time.

The company is displaying its end-to-end video platform Backlot, which incorporates everything from putting video on the web to creating monetization platforms and analytic tools including a real-time processing engine.

Recent users of Ooyala’s tools include The Daily Telegraph’s website. The firm helped the media owner build an application to gage opinions around a live video stream of Tony Blair during his cross examination at the Chilcot inquiry.

Dubbed “the credibility metre” users were encouraged to vote on how credible Blair appeared when defending his decision to go to war on Iraq. The meter, which surrounded the screen, went up or down, depending on whether users felt the former prime minster  was telling the truth or not.

“The Internet is all about interactivity and using online technology in real time and engaging consumers in real time is just one of the applications that we can help facilitate,” Lepe said.

Ooyala: Stand D60