NAB 2014: Fairlight has launched CC-2, its second-generation digital audio engine, with over 1,000 channels on a single PCIe card.

CC-2 is based on Fairlight’s Crystal Core Technology, which powers its range of high-speed digital audio mixing, recording and editing systems.

The FPGA-based CC-2 provides 1,000 hard disk playback channels, 100 live inputs and more than 100 output buses.

Fairlight said CC-2 enables a range of productivity-enhancing features including a new 64 bit codebase, advanced delay compensation, and faster than real-time bounce.

Equalisation, dynamics, plug-ins and inserts are always available on every input and bus with near zero latency and unlimited headroom, according to the company.

The Australian firm also claimed that CC-2 could deliver projects at least 20 percent faster than on competitive systems.

Fairlight chief technology officer Tino Fibaek said: “Traditional approaches to audio processing are not enough in today’s high-track-count, multi-channel immersive surround mixing environments.

“The new CC-2 guarantees rock-solid performance for our customers, with no limits. Creativity should never be limited by technology”.

Fairlight said the CC-2 is also compatible with audio hardware purchased for CC-1, avoiding the need for users to replace their current audio interfaces and control surfaces to upgrade to CC-2.