IBC 2014: Fairlight has showcased 3D Audio Workspace (3DAW), a new platform for immersive and object-oriented 3D sound production.

Aimed at the film and television post production market, Fairlight said 3DAW “reinforces the industry’s drive for the ultimate in cinematic and immersive sound delivery by providing a comprehensive and diverse environment for 3D audio production”.

3DAW’s features include AirPan, which allows operators to use a virtual reality style input to position and control sound in a 3D space.

Fairlight chief technology officer Tino Fibaek said: “Fairlight has always had a reputation for pushing the boundaries of technology, but even by our high standards 3DAW is one of the most exciting products we have launched in many years.”

Fibaek described AirPan as “incredibly cool”. He said: “You can literally reach out into the space monitored by the controller and by just moving your fingers in the air, you can pan, rotate, tilt and spread your sound in space.”

The Fairlight platform supports VST (virtual studio technology) and RTAS (real time audio suite) plug ins, as well as ASIO (audio stream input/output) for I/O and sync sharing.

“The philosophy behind Fairlight’s 3DAW is to give sound mixers a post production solution that works with all platforms,” added Fibaek.

“Different deliverables require different technologies, so Fairlight’s immersive platform provides the best of both worlds, supporting object orientated implementations such as Dolby’s Atmos and DTS’ MDA and fixed bus formats in 2D and 3D, from stereo through to 5.1 and all the way up to NHK’s impressive 22.2 format.”

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