Boutique off and online facility Fifty Fifty is expanding into effects and high-end finishing.

With a number of facilities folding or going into administration recently, managing director Tim Whitehead said his company has seen an increase in demand for effects and other post services.

“A lot of our clients go elsewhere for graphics when we could offer them,” he said. “We will also be marketing this as a separate service.”

Whitehead plans to add a dual boot Avid Symphony and DS Nitris suite, as well as refurbishing the facility. He expects to spend£100,000. The company will also upgrade its dubbing and transfer bay to 40 in the near future.

Fifty Fifty has four editing and one sound suite and works with short-form broadcast, commercials and corporate clients.

Whitehead said: “We are keen not to increase much more in size, although we do want to increase our turnover. We're keen to maintain rates at or above£100 per hour for each suite.”