Molinare’s two most senior executives have quit as the company’s India-based backers prepare to relaunch the London facility.

Managing director Mark Foligno and chief executive Richard Hart left Molinare on 30 December. Foligno will consult for the post house until the end of April, while Hart has been placed on gardening leave until June.

Former technical director Scott Holmgren has been appointed chief operating officer and has taken on the responsibilities of MD and CEO.

Foligno, who together with former director Steve Milne sold a majority stake in Molinare to Indian company Century Communications in 2008, said he was keen to begin “a new episode” of his career in film financing and producing.

“I am looking forward to consulting for Molinare over the next few months and helping it to deliver some of the fantastic work that I know it is capable of,” he said.

Hart, who became chief executive of Molinare in March last year, plans to move into producing.

One of Holmgren’s first tasks will be to oversee the completion of a two-year, £7m programme of building refurbishment work and investment in new kit.

“There have been a lot of infrastructure upgrades,” he said. “The work is expected to be completed in three months’ time, when we will effectively relaunch Molinare.”

Holmgren also told Broadcast that the level of investment came with added pressure from the investors. “They are keen to see Molinare become the best post house and forthere to be an increase in the quality and volume of work,” he said.

As well as looking to boost the amount of post it completes for the TV sector, Molinare plans to take on more restoration work, aided by the purchase of a 4K ARRI Scan with ARRI Wet Gates.

Molinare has also bought two more Baselights, taking the total number to five. In addition, it has increased its storage capacity, with the VFX department taking over the firm’s NAS storage and the DI department using a dedicated SAN.