The DVB-T2 transmission system has been honoured with the IBC Innovation Award for Content Delivery technology.

The award was presented to the BBC for its successful implementation on Freeview HD.

BBC Research & Development and 60 other DVB member companies collaborated to develop DVB-T2.

Professor Ulrich Reimers, chairman of the DVB Technical Module, said: “It was the BBC that initiated the design of DVB-T2 – a system that includes the latest technology and displays such an excellent performance.

“While a significant number of companies from various countries around the world contributed to the work, it is fair to say that the members of BBC R&D were the driving force behind the development of DVB-T2”. 

Dr. Nicholas Wells chaired the team that did the technology study preceding the work on the standard and was also in charge of the group that mastered the real system development.

DVB-T2 introduces the latest modulation and coding techniques to enable the highly efficient use of valuable terrestrial spectrum for the delivery of audio, video and data services to fixed, portable and mobile devices.

These new techniques give DVB-T2 a 50% increase in efficiency over any other DTT system in the world.

Freeview HD service was launched officially in March 2010.

Other IBC winners

  • The content creation award went to Red Bull Air Race for its use of fibre for all content and communications. Riedel Communications led the technology, with support from SIVision Outside Broadcast and West4Media Production.
  • The content management category was given to the European Parliament audiovisual unit. Technology partners were Front Porch Digital and Broadcasting Centre Europe.