Content storage management company Front Porch Digital has launched an all-in-one technology application for migrating content from legacy videotape to high-density data tape.

DIVAsolo combines three technologies - SAMMA Solo, the world's leading efficient-migration appliance, DIVArchive, and DIVAdirector - into one system for migrating archives of all sizes.

"Even today, most of the world's media remains trapped on vulnerable videotape," said Mike Knaisch, president and chief executive officer of Front Porch Digital.

"DIVAsolo is truly a groundbreaking product - the first ever to offer a practical and cost-effective means of migrating media content on video to reliable, secure, and more easily accessed digital storage. DIVAsolo is highly scalable, which makes it suitable for archives of all sizes, but we anticipate it will be particularly welcomed by facilities feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of videotape they have in storage."

The development of DIVAsolo was made possible by Front Porch Digital's recent acquisition of SAMMA Systems.

DIVAsolo uses a SAMMA robot to provide real-time simultaneous encoding of content stored on videotape into digital files then leverages the power of the DIVArchive content storage management (CSM) system to store and protect those files.

DIVAsolo also incorporates a browser-based media asset manager, DIVAdirector, to provide desktop access to stored content.