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Examining the key issues facing the TV industry

The TV industry has gone through many changes in the three decades that Barclays has been working in the sector, but none more so than over the last five years. This pace of change is only ever going to increase.

We have partnered with Broadcast to bring you a hub where we will examine the key issues facing the sector. We will feature a range of content from industry insiders and outside commentators that, we hope, will help businesses navigate those changes and make the most of the opportunities that arise.

We will also bring insight from those businesses already breaking the mould and driving the trends that are making the change. Forward-looking companies such as COPA 90, the platform-agnostic football destination which understands and owns its young audience and the curated streaming firm MUBI who take stock of what the big streamers are offering and come up with a smart, alternative service.

We believe that the companies which embrace change and are quick to adapt to new technology, will be the successful media brands of the future.

And whether it’s SVoD, Virtual Reality or co-production ventures that these companies are involved in, we want to be there to support them.

We’ll be updating the site regularly and we’d love to hear your thoughts on the future of TV.


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