GMTV's main weekday morning programme will be produced using an Avid-based end-to-end digital workflow system from next month.

The newsroom and video production set-up has replaced legacy systems and allowed GMTV to redesign and improve its workflow and provide better back-up in the case of technology emergencies.

“We have increased the quality and quantity of our output, improved internal and external communications and gained true control of our assets and data,” explained GMTV head of technologies Peter Russell. “Another huge benefit is resilience. Historically at GMTV, even the most minor failure has resulted in a complete shutdown of the operation. With Avid, hardware failures can be checked way before the point of failure.”

Included in the installation are four Avid Unity ISIS media network servers with 64 terabytes of storage and more than 40 editing systems and ingest stations.

Also incorporated are an Avid iNEWS newsroom management system, an Avid Interplay workflow engine with Access asset management clients and Assist clients on all corporate user PCs.

The new system goes live on 16 March.